Friday, November 3, 2006

Just sit with me and be my friend

Why is it that people are so uncomfortable with emotion? Everyone hurts. Everyone cries. Everyone experiences sadness. But the moment someone else is on the verge of tears, people start getting uncomfortable.

You've got those who just ignore it and hope it'll go away. Then there are those who try to "Dr. Phil" you, give you advice on what is really wrong and how to fix it. There are people who just make light of things and think that if they can get you to laugh then they've somehow magically made it all better. There are so many different responses and I'm sure most people have good intentions - they don't want to see someone they care about hurting. But why can't people just recognize that sadness is a part of life and some wounds take a lot longer to heal than others. Offer support and love and time. If they take it, great, if not, let it be. Some emotions simply can not be articulated or explained.

So, don't make me try to explain. Don't psycho-analyze me. Don't give me advice, tell me to get over it or CHOOSE to be happy. I recognize that I have the power to choose happiness, but sometimes emotions need to be explored. I need to be allowed to feel what I feel. I promise I wont stay in this dark place, but while I'm here, just sit with me and be my friend.

May we all learn to put aside judgement, get over our own discomfort with emotion and recognize that some things can not be fixed except by time, prayer and love.