Friday, June 15, 2007

Across the LupUS

"You will be fortunate in everything."

That was in my fortune cookie today. And you know what? It's true! I am so very fortunate. I know I complain from time to time, but I really am blessed!

So, yesterday on my lunch break, I was out walking, as I often do. A homeless man caught up to me and asked if he could walk with me for a while. And he did - for almost a mile! I walked as far as the mall downtown, but this gentleman didn't like malls so he was going to go his own way. He kept talking though, trying to get me to stay outside and talk a little longer. I noticed two guys standing nearby, locking up their bikes, watching us. After my walking companion left, these guys asked if I knew of a good place to get a bite to eat. We started talking and apparently, these two guys are on a cross-country bike ride. They started in Bellingham, Washington and will be riding their bicycles to South Carolina. Why? Well, they just graduated college and wanted to do something like this, but figured they might as well do it for a good cause. They are riding to raise awareness and money for Lupus research. We talked for about 15 minutes and gave me their card. I checked their website and couldn't get them out of my mind the rest of the day. So last night, I called them and they met up with me after their interview with KXLY (ABC) news. We went to dinner last night and sat there for 3 hours talking. Afterwards, I invited them over, let them lock up their bikes in my apartment, we grabbed my friend from Alaska who is in town crashing on my couch and went out to a sports bar a couple blocks away so we could see their stint on the 11:00 news. After the news and a couple beers, back to my apartment to visit for a little while longer. Then Tony and I loaded up their bikes in our cars and took them back to their camp site. I offered my floor or my bed and I would take the floor, but they had already set up camp and paid for it so they declined.

What these two men are doing is incredible. Their passion, courage and lust for adventure really got to me. Just talking to them made me feel alive again! It stirred up something deep within me that I'm not sure how to deal with. I am envious. I told them that and they invited me along for the ride. This whole trying to be responsible and get out of debt thing really sucks right now. This is their journey, not mine, but I am thankful that our paths crossed. I really do meet the most amazing people. You should have seen the look in Tony's eyes when I walked through my apartment door at 10:00pm followed by two men with bikes. My friends often think I'm a little crazy, but those who listen to my stories agree that I am destined to meet the people that I do. The are Divine Appointments!

Tonight, the duo will be staying in Coeur d'Alene, but I was able to get a couple extra tickets to the Various Sundry concert tonight so they will join me for that. When I asked if they were interested, they were so excited. I'm just thankful that I even have this little perk (free concert tix) so that they can have a little entertainment while they are here.

They are traveling light, camping most nights and allowing themselves the luxury of a cheap hotel only every few nights. If you know anyone along their route who can hook them up with a place to crash, that would be awesome. This is something they would never ask for, but having traveled across the country myself, I was fortunate to meet people who welcomed me into their homes and provided free shelter from time to time and I hope they can find a few generous people as well. Camping gets old and hotels get expensive...

Anyways, I'm excited to see my new friends again tonight. Just being around them inspires me and reminds me to get my eyes off myself and my self-proclaimed / imposed limitations. I'm excited for the day that I break through the chains that I allow to imprison me. I'm simply not meant for this normal life. But then again...

"There is no normal life. There's just life. You live it." ~ Doc Holliday - Tombstone