Thursday, June 22, 2006


I got the news yesterday that a very dear friend of mine from Juneau died last night in a fishing accident. We met in the 7th grade at Juneau Christian School. He quickly became a great friend. He was my first crush after moving to Juneau... He asked me to my junior prom and I turned him down to go with another friend of mine who ended up ditching me to go get drunk and stoned, so Toby hung out with me.... We went to the same church for many years... I know he is with the Lord right now, but I am devastated. He just got married less than 6 months ago. He was an avid outdoors-man, hunter, fisherman, etc. So full of life.....
Former Juneau resident perishes in Thorne River
A former Juneau resident died in a fishing accident on Prince of Wales Island Tuesday.

Greg Wilkinson of the Alaska State Troopers says they were notified at about 6 p.m. of a drowning in the Thorne River at Thorne Bay.

He says responding Troopers learned that 28 year old Toby Coate attempted to cross the river to stretch a net for subsistence fishing.

He became tired in the cold water and lost hold of the net. Wilkinson says he went under, came up once, but went under again and did not resurface.

People on the shore went in to the river, found him, and pulled him to shore.

Emergency medical technicians who were called to the scene attempted to resuscitate him without success.

He was pronounced deceased at about 6:45.

Coate is the son of Ken and Barbara Coate of Juneau. He has two sisters, Amanda and Katy, who also reside in Juneau.

He was married earlier this year.

Coate and his wife Emily decided to reside in Thorne Bay. They had partnered with a local mill to start a new company called Goose Creek Log Cabins.

Coate attended the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau and at one time was the student body president.

He studied Marine Biology.

Please keep his family in your prayers.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Heard! Thanks!

So, the ex and his wife just welcomed their child into the world a week ago today. The announcement was just posted in the Juneau Empire today and all of the sudden everyone is worried about me and asking if I've seen it.

Yes, I was informed. I have seen the announcement and I am okay with the news. After all, I've had 9 months to prepare myself for it. I'm sure Alan will be a great father. I am happy for his family as they could use a little bundle of joy to brighten their worlds in light of a recent tragedy in the family. For my friends who pray - please continue to keep that family in your prayers.

It's not like I have no emotion about it at all - of course I do - but I'm not devastated or anything like that. In fact, the only thing that hit a nerve was the baby's name - and that only because it was the name we always talked about... the name he always wanted if he ever had a kid, but it's his family's name so there you have it. We never had a child (thank God) and now he does and I'm glad he chose to honor his family by choosing that name.

Alright - so now that that is taken care of... I'm going to a Hank Williams III concert tonight. I think it's gonna be a great show - even if I do end up going alone. I have a potential date for the show (no - not a guy date - a friend date), but if she cancels last minute then alone I shall go. ;o)

Saturday, June 10, 2006


I have been having these crazy anxiety attacks lately - especially when I'm about to walk into a room that I know is full of people. I used to be a very shy person, but ever since my divorce, I've really been able to step out and be a lot more outgoing. In fact, most of the friends that I have here are people that I have met in the last 2 years. The ability to meet people and make friends is one of the things that I like about myself... So, why, all of a sudden, am I dealing with anxiety around people?! Frustrating. It's irrational.

I haven't written much lately, but reading back through a few of my most recent posts, I feel like I've come a long way. I'm frustrated with a few circumstances in my life, but I'm really doing okay...

Well, gotta get to church! Those of you who are praying for me - please continue to do so. I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need it. Praise God!