Saturday, January 15, 2011

I flew into Juneau last night. I'll be here for a little over a week caring for my 5 youngest siblings. They are in foster care with one of my adult siblings, but she and her family are on vacation for a few weeks. The vacation was booked and paid for several months before the kids were removed from my mother's custody. My little brother and his wife took the kids for the first week and will have them for almost another full week after I leave, but I was able to come up to relieve them for a while.

I got in later than expected last night so the kids just stayed another night with my brother and brought them over this morning. I had them for about two hours before OCS (Office of Children Services) picked them up for their supervised visitation with our mother. They should be returning any minute. I'm not really sure what to expect their mood to be when the get here. They were in good spirits this morning, but I've heard these visits sometimes stress them out. They were telling me stories this morning about experiences with mom that really disturb me.

I'm praying that my mother focus on getting healthy so she can get the kids back. She is capable of being a wonderful mother and I know this situation is probably harder on her than anyone. I hope she chooses to put the children's health and safety first. If anyone out there prays, please pray for my family.

In other news, it is always weird for me to be back in Juneau. This town is pregnant with memories that I can't escape. And it's colder than a witch's tit outside!

The kids have arrived so I must go... later.