Monday, March 19, 2007


I don't understand...

…why some men see an unattainable woman as a challenge
…why some men are so strongly attracted to that challenge
…why some men give up right away
…why some men accept whatever relational capacity a woman is willing to offer
…why some men walk away from a friendship because they can't have her in the capacity they want.

Why do men always want what they can't have? And why is it that when a man finally "attains" that woman, she is no longer enough? He spends so much time, energy, money, emotions; says and does all the right things to get the woman he wants, but then when he finally breaks down her walls, gets through her defenses and gets her to that place of vulnerability and a level of reliance, he gives her up for the next challenge. He is no longer willing to put up with the little annoyances or imperfections and leaves in search of something different, something that, for a while, seems better.

Is that all we are to men – a challenge? A conquest?

And they wonder why we question their sincerity, why they have to work so hard to gain our trust and respect, why one man has to pay for another man's actions. They wonder why our walls are so high, our defenses impenetrable.

They say not to generalize or lump all men together, but you show me one man who is genuine, sincere and content with what he has and I'll show you at least 20 who are not.

"The eyes of man are never satisfied…" Proverbs 27:20

Your words are hollow, meaningless. Whether you are a friend, pastor, co-worker, relative, acquaintance or an interest, I listen and observe – and your actions and character speak louder than the words you speak.