Sunday, January 7, 2007


Someone broke into my car last night - busted out the front, passenger window, cleaned out my glove box and center console. My insurance will not be paying for the window to be replaced since I don't have comprehensive coverage, but even if I did, my deductible would have been higher than the cost of the new window. So, that is almost $200 out of pocket!
Missing - car registrations, insurance info, misc. receipts (oil changes, tires, other car related), an old book of checks (duplicates only - no real checks), random mail, other miscellaneous junk I kept in there, my new travel coffee mug, a box of presents that I was going to take to the post office today to mail to my mom and siblings - along with a check.

What they left - an expensive tripod for my camera, all my CDs, my Bible (go figure!), a fleece blanket and everything in my trunk.

Now WHAT would they want with all my papers with all my information? I know they have my name, address, previous address, bank account number and God only knows what else.

I've never really worried about someone stealing STUFF from me. Stuff can be replaced and if they are going to steal from me, they must need it more than I do. I'm not worried about anything they took. What I am worried about is the potential for identity theft.

Please keep me in your prayers. And let's hope they catch whoever did it. Mine wasn't the first car to be hit in my neighborhood and I doubt it'll be the last.