Friday, June 18, 2010

Beauty in Darkness

It is not often that I find a work of art that stops me dead in my tracks and takes my breath away. That happened to me a couple weeks ago at Art Fest in Browne's Addition. She has several that I like, but the one that I wanted sold and she didn't have prints... The human body is one of the most amazing and beautiful creations and she does a great job of illustrating that beauty... Check her out:

I held a little baby in my arms today, just over 4 hours old. I LOVE babies! I haven't changed my mind... I don't want one of my own, but holding a precious little life in my arms is an experience that will never grow old. Watching their facial expressions as they sleep, admiring the adorable little button nose and the perfectly shaped tiny red lips, the soft skin, the barely noticeable eyebrows... Hearing the deep breaths and little baby noises... They are so perfect, so innocent, so trusting. It's really too bad that we don't stay that way. This life has a way of contaminating us. It was nice to revel in the presence of perfection for a short while today.

I went to a volunteer orientation at the Union Gospel Mission the other day. I've been serving there for about 5 years now, but the recently started requiring that all volunteers go through this "class." It was interesting to learn the history of the place, but the thing that stuck out to me is the story of the kitchen manager. A childhood filled with abuse, an adolescence riddled with drugs, and adulthood full of unhealthy relationships, prison, divorce, anger and loss. He found hope though. There is a light in his eyes. Everyone has a story. I love volunteering there because it is one of those places where even in the midst of so much darkness, I see love, vulnerability and hope. I see beauty.